Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to be strong to participate in Sikkim Trekking ?

You have to be physically fit to undertake such event and not necessary that you must be a muscle man.

2. What happens if I get sick while in the mountain?

Though extreme care has been taken to frame the itinerary to avoid high altitude sickness, yet if you get sick, support staff will bring you down to lower altitude immediately after available medication.

3. How do I avoid altitude sickness?

You must ascend slowly and gradually, must have good intake of water, good food and good sleep. Do not rush to higher altitude, after all you have come to enjoy. Before departure from your home town, consult your doctor.

4. Do you carry First Aid Kit?

First Aid Kits are available in all the camps, which will give support for emergencies.

5. What are the weather conditions during the Month of May?

The month of May is good time to trek in Sikkim Himalaya, night temperature at the highest point is 4 degree calicoes. Sun shines, generally mountains are clear.

6. Who will carry the baggage?

Local porters and pack animal (yaks) are used to transport good and equipments including baggage's.

7. Do I have to carry any baggage?

You are not required to carry any baggage except your day bag pack.

8. Can I store un-necessary items in the base camp?

What ever is not required during the trek, you can store in the base camp.

9. Where do we sleep during the night?

Tents or trekker’s huts are used during the night. We provide sleeping mats.

10. Can I get a separate tent to myself?

Separate single tents are provided on extra cost. Sleeping tents are on twin sharing.

11. How do I prepare?

Carry following things: Hat or Peak Cap, Trousers, Shorts, Warm Jackets, Torch light, Toilet papers, wind breaker, sleeping bags, walking shoes, warm shocks, sun glasses, toiletries, wool pullover, gloves, umbrella, water bottle .

13. What tents are used during?

Sleeping tents, dining tents, toilet tents, kitchen tents.

14. What happens if I bring valuables?

We advise that you do not bring any valuables such as gold wrist watch, ear rings, bangles and any other. Even if you must bring, that you will take care of these things and organizers are not responsible for any loss.

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